Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm still here! We have been so busy!! One weekend my best friend came to town, the next we were in New Orleans for a surprise 75th, and this past weekend I had a big work event and friends in town! Luckily, so you know I'm not lying, some of this was in the news!

My Father In Law's 75th Link

As for my work event, once a month for the past two years I put on a free over the counter medicine give away day. This was our first time having it outside of Charlotte... and the turn out was insane.... typically we get 250 people... in High Point we got 672!!! Here's some of the coverage.....

WFMY News (I am running around in back ground) Link

News & Record Link

WFDD Radio Link

Fshew, I think this week should be a bit more relaxing. In other news I am scheduled to have my 3rd IUI this week and I am having acupuncture done today. I have also started Shakeology. Both the shakes and the acupuncture are known to help with infertility. Sooooo, fingers crossed! :)

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