Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Acupuncture was pretty interesting yesterday. I had a two hour appointment and the first hour was a consultation (going over the 10 pages of paperwork I had to do pre-appt.). The second hour was the treatment. Why on earth did I go and do this? I know of 3 infertile gals who got pregnant with the help of acupuncture while working with the infertility clinic. So I said, WHY NOT?!

The acupuncturist took her time with me on the treatment and explained everything to me and showed me the needles she would be using. Typically a visit takes only 30 minutes. It's your first appointment that's the longest. The needles are super thin so you really don't really feel them. The ones that I felt were those in my feet and the one in my forehead - yes, in.my.forehead. LOL. Most of the needles were in my belly which is flabby enough it wouldn't feel a porcupine. After putting the needles in, she turned down the lights, putting heating lamps over me and played spa music. I laid there for 25 minutes. Your body feels very heavy and relaxed. My muscles would spasm here and there which was funny. After the 25 minutes are up you feel very relaxed, slow moving and like you just had a good massage. Hopefully this will help do the trick! Fingers crossed!

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