Tuesday, April 22, 2014

San Diego (Fin)

This is my collection of iPhone pictures from our trip. Above is the van, I mean, Sweet Ride, that took us to the wedding.... and home.

Another view from our favorite restaurant, Poseidon.

I couldn't get over the hills, the fancy plants and the fancy cars in CA! My first time seeing a Tesla!

Our first trip to In-N-Out burger... YUM.

We both ordered animal style! Hello gluten pills... so worth it!

A view during the wedding ceremony.

I think the name of the restaurant was Americana, they have a great breakfast restaurant that includes really healthy stuff and gluten free bread!

Another picture from Poseidon... since it was the last night we took lots of pics that included our ceviche and mojitos! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

San Diego (Part 3)

Welp, the day after the wedding I was barely mobile. I was over served ;)

We checked out the Gas Lamp district of San Diego which was cool. It's packed with bars but neither of us were interested in that! haha

We also checked out Laguna while there. You know, like on the show The Hills..... we wanted to find Lauren Conrad but, no dice. The shops were really neat there though!

From there we headed to New Port which I would totally skip if I were you. It had a weird jersey shore feel.

We did see this there though.... which was pretty amazing.

We went back to Del Mar which was our favorite spot by far and got dinner at Poseidon. It's located right on the beach and was delicious! This was our view during dinner....

It was a great way to end our trip :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

San Diego (Part 2)

This picture really shows the arrangement of the wedding. Up top is where the ceremony and reception were. The middle level we are on here is where the cocktail hour was. And then below, which you can't see i this picture, is where all the fun dancing happened :) 

Besties! Me and Jen's prom pose. Isn't this view of the ocean so pretty?

The Charlotte crew.

This little ring bearer was just too cute. He was mesmerized by the band!

I love this pic of me and Dave and I just love this dress from the Banana Outlet that I wore!

Jen got her dress at Ivy and Leo it was such a pretty shade of green! Most guys at the wedding were outfitted in a very Spring khaki suit!

They brought out the heaters for the reception! Brrrrr! Steak, Sea Bass and Ravioli were served.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

We're Back! (Part 1)

We just got back from a fabulous trip to San Diego. We went for our friend Jordan's wedding but made a vacation out of it. Some of our friends were going to the wedding as well and some of our other friends were already traveling in CA at the same time - so we got to be with a lot of friends which was great fun!

Our first night there we met our friends in Coronado island at Miguel's for some yummy mojitos, checked in to our hotel, and then went to dinner at Pacifica in Del Mar. It was recommended for its great view. Unfortunately there was fog that night BUT their kale salad was delish!

The next day we went to La Jolla. Apparently this was the first small trip I went on as a baby with my parents. I was born in California but moved when I was four.  I loved this little cave and as we looked closed, we saw tons of seals sun bathing! 

Me and my honey

Jen and Josh

Jen and Moi... who have been counting down to this vacation since last year!!

Beautful La Jolla coast! There were flowers all over the beach which I loved!

Dave took this great pic of two gulls talkin!

Charlotteans here for the big wedding!

Awww, although these guys were smelly, they sure were cute!

The next day was wedding day at Le'auberge resort in Del Mar. The wedding ceremony and reception were literally on top of the resort which faced the ocean. It was a bit chilly but we still enjoyed ourselves!

Our friend getting married is from West Virginia so they HAD to have a bluegrass band during cocktail hour! :)

More to come....

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marley Lilly App

I learned about Marley Lilly this week from my coworker. It's a free app and is so cute! You can create wallpapers with your monogram for your iPhone.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

RED Wine-OH!

New, inexpensive wines I tried and liked!

This wine is cheap but doesn't taste cheap! It's a malbec and costs between $6-$9 bucks!

Another good one, I've been loving red blends....still a good price at $12.

This cab is delish and can be bought for anywhere between $10-12!

Cupcake - Red Velvet was surprisingly good! I always see this and with it's cute name wanted to try it! You can get this at $8-10 bucks.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday 5

1. I am loving this J.Crew jacket!

2. I am also loving this lightweight merino tunic sweater from J.Crew. It must be popular because they used to offer it in a lot of various colors but now you can either get blue or gray. A friend of mine was wearing the light pink one a few weeks ago and it looked so pretty and comfortable!

3. As of December, I do needlepoint! These aren't my ornaments but I am making something similar to these! Except mine are New Orleans themed! I am going to have a mini New Orleans themed Christmas tree this year!!!!

4. Love some of this Chandon champs on the weekend or just when I feel like spoiling myself!

5. Have a great weekend!