Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring has sprung.... but only for a little while!

I can't believe the weather we are having! This weekend was very nice and yesterday it actually got HOT. Dave even got a "neck burn" while doing yard work! Temps will plunge later in the week but I am really enjoying the nice weather right now! Not to mention - daylight savings! Hurray for more light in the day! 

As I mentioned on Friday my parents came to town to do lunch with us on Saturday. We didn't end up going to Tupelo and instead went to Vivace. Our plans were really in the air because they were dealing with the power outage in High Point and hadn't had power since Thursday. So of course they decided to stay in Charlotte where power was not a problem and we were glad to have them! Haha. I called probably 15 places to make dinner reservations Saturday night no one had anything! So we ended up eating at a little place in our neighborhood called Intermezzo. Everyone really liked it! 

We had quite the busy weekend and I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Dinner is ready for tonight and the house is clean. Happy Monday!

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