Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday 5

Good Morning!! Happy St. Patty's day weekend!

1. My college roommate and sorority sister, Bethany, is coming to town on Saturday and spending the night with us - Can't Wait!

2. I haven't told you all about our friend Taylor and her story. I suggest you follow her blog, Takes on Cancer, as she is so inspiring! Taylor found out during a cyst removal surgery (the same one I had in September) that she had cancerous tumors and nodules in that area and on her stomach lining. Taylor is only 28 years old and was just recently married. Since then Taylor has had all of her lady parts removed along with the tumors and nodules. She started chemotherapy yesterday. I can't tell you how great her attitude towards this is and when I am having a rough day I try to think of Taylor and how strong she has been through all of this. She's a trooper and her husband has been a great support. Last night Dave brought home bracelets for Taylor and Brees and I are sporting them today!

3. The Bachelor - did any of you see what a mess that was on Monday night? I can't believe I stayed up to watch the whole thing. As someone on Twitter said, "Juan Pablo ruined foreign men for every woman"

4. 2 other couples and Dave and I threw a surprise baby "sprinkle" on Tuesday - pics to come!

5. We played this game, Heads Up!, which is an app for your phone, at the sprinkle. It was on Ellen's show and I think it might even be owned by her. Anyway, it is SO FUN. I recommend spending the .99 cents on it!

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