Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I lost my best friend. I want to call today her Angel Anniversary. I went back and read my old blog posts (here and here) and it just makes it feel new all over again. I am still miffed by the fact that two of my favorite people, my mom and Lucille, both died in January and their anniversaries are just 4 days apart. I want to ask God why he would bring so much challenge into my life like this. Let's face the facts here, I hate, really really hate, January.

I knew today was coming all week long, I avoided texts last night and Facebook this morning but then I thought to myself - stop being such a wimp, it is what it is, this day just like Jan. 7 will come every year no matter what.

It's raining today, it's almost like there is crying from heaven. What does that mean? I guess it means to today is a good day to stay inside, and remember.

I was sad to see that an old friend and neighbor of Lucille's messaged me this morning as she had seen the posts on her Facebook page and she asked me what happened - she had no idea until today that Lucille was gone. My heart just aches for her.

When I woke up this morning I remembered how whenever I'd stay the night with Lucille we would both wake up the next morning and text "are you awake?"....a few moments later she'd be jumping in my bed and we'd just talk and laugh.....especially if her boston terrier was their to snuggle up too! haha. We always had such a fun time and we really loved each other so much.... like real sisters.

Please keep her family in mind today, hug your children a little tighter, and remember that life is a precious thing.

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