Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Lucille

You'll have to excuse me for taking time away from my blog for the next few days. You see, one of my best best friends (I only have 2 best bests) suddenly died yesterday. She was 31, a loved wife and new mother. I am so heartbroken. I feel mad, sad, hurt and helpless. For those of you that know me, you know my mom passed away 6 years ago this month. It is a blessing that Lucille could be greeted by my mom when she entered the golden gates. Lucille was my angel on earth. She touched so many lives. She was the yin to my yang in college. The best sorority big sister a girl could ask for. She spoiled me. She loved me and I loved and will always love her. This is such a horrible thing that has happened. However, I try to see God's plan and I try to understand and think of the positives. For instance, in her short life she married her true love and welcomed a gorgeous baby boy. She had a chance to be a wonderful wife and mother. She was so happy when I spoke with her last. Evan, her son, has so many "aunts" that will make it our duty to tell and show him what a wonderful person his mother was. And as for her husband Greg, now a single father but with a very supportive family, I pray for him.


  1. Oh Emily this post breaks my heart! Praying for you

  2. Lucille was precious. The depth of your friendship was evident in the short time I spent with you two, and from the fond way you mentioned her from time to time on your blog--I felt like I knew her and I definitely knew how special she was to you. I am so, so sorry to read this. What a horrible, tragic thing. Heartbreaking and senseless. Will be praying for you and especially Evan and Greg in this hard time. Love you.

  3. Emily,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Bless her family & friends left behind with so many questions, and no answers. May peace come to you and all who knew Lucille.