Monday, January 14, 2013

Simply the Best

This is a picture from Greg and Lucille's engagement session before their wedding in 2011. So sweet. She was the star of Greg's life, of is heart, of his everything.

 I realized that I had forgotten to tell you all how Lucille died and it may have come off as if she had taken her own life. She didn't. She was walking to her car after work on Friday and collapsed. She died instantly. She worked at GA State University and someone found her and took her to the hospital. She had a blood clot in her lung that caused a heart attack. She was on her way to pick up her sweet baby boy. She had just started back to work after her maternity leave. We think that the blood clot was formed from either her preeclampsia or c-section.She had a rough pregnancy and baby Evan was born a month early because of it. She was so self-less. Her was really tough but you would have known it. She had a lot going on at home. She took care of her brother and her disabled mother. With all of the stress and added responsibility, she never complained. She has seen all of her friends at their worst. She never judged them and could always make you feel better with her smile. She radiated love and care.  We all called her an angel and a mother hen.  She believed in the power of sisterhood. She devoted her life's work to greek life. She chuckled. I cackle and she chuckled. Sometimes she would chuckle so hard she would snort! She always wore socks to bed. These are the random things that you think of when someone leaves this world for another.

 This is us on her wedding day. She asked me to put a flower in a her hair. I feel like this photo gives off a heavenly glow. A glimpse of her before she walks into the white light.

 Dave took this pictures a few years ago. I really liked it because we just look like two peas in a pod.

 I gave her a robe with "Bride" embroidered on the back of it for one of her wedding shower gifts. She wore it the day of while we all got ready at the salon. 

 Kelly on the left and me on the right of Lucille on her wedding day.

This is how we met - Phi Mu! It's amazing how different scanned and digital photos are now haha. It makes me feel old! But here we all are during another recruitment. She was my big sister. She taught me everything and looked at for me.  She WAS Phi Mu to me.

 My 21st birthday. This was a our little Phi Mu family then.

Lucille stayed at Western Carolina to go to grad school after I had graduated. She'd still go to Phi Mu events and help the sisters out and this picture was captioned "Where's Emily?" :)

This is when we had too many margaritas.

This was too.

This was us at Carowinds NOT riding the rides because they were too scary.

Road trip. Besties at the wheel.

Here is an example of how times have changed. Note me and Lucille in the front of the group and then note the finger. lol

 THIS is my favorite favorite favorite picture of Lucille. She looks like a movie star. I made sure to tell her that too.

This is Luc and her sweet family - husband, Greg and new born son, Evan Kendall. Evan was born just in time for all the fun holidays :) This was him in October just after he was born.

Evan also celebrated Christmas and New Years in style. This aunt loves him very much because of how much I love his mother. I feel that it is my privilege to show him and tell him how wonderful his mother was as much as possible, for the rest of my life.


  1. these posts are so precious. tears to my eyes. it's so not fair. all I can think is how God doesn't promise life will be easy, only that we don't have to go through these things alone as He is our strength and with us. so so so hard. her loveliness in your writing makes me smile though. and while i'm at it, let me not waste a moment to tell you how grateful I am to call your sweet self "friend" love you!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Lucille and your friendship. Your memories of his mother will be such a gift to Evan one day. Continuing to pray for you and Lucille's family as you all walk this hard road.

  3. Thank you for sharing photos of your sweet friend. This story has been on my mind for the last 2 weeks and her and her family have been in my thoughts. A good reminder to spend time with who matters to you becuase we are only on this planet a short time.