Friday, February 22, 2013

Queen "Bey"

I watched Beyonce's "Life is but a Dream" HBO Documentary this past week. It aired on HBO over the weekend. It is really good. She made it for her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

It shows how much work she puts into shows as she is her own Manager. Apparently she let her Dad go a year or so ago because it was just too stressful for her.

It showed video of her when she was growing up.

Her hair is kinda wild here. Not her best look. She is so pretty though! She has the best skin - which I guess is from her mother's french/indian side. This is her with baby Blue. And this baby looks JUST like her dad!

Alot of the footage she shoots herself - on a camera or her computer. And anything with Jay-Z (Sean) is usually shot on a yacht.

She is alone a lot throughout the film. This is her on her computer singing to a song in the car.

I was relieved to know that her eye lashes on stage are fake lol. This is her with J and with baby Blue. She is tearing up just talking about everything on her sofa at home.

This is her talking about her dad, about having to become her own manager and let him go. She was really upset.

How cute is this?  Her baby belly! She had a miscarriage before baby Blue and she talks about that struggle as well.

If you can, you should definitely watch it!

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