Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscar Hits and Misses

The Hits...

I loved this one on Adele... doesn't her hair and makeup always look amazing?

Charlize looked amazing I thought! I really loved this dress on her. And that hair style is really stunning on her.

I know Helen took the same route but I thought that it was nice to see a simple and classic look. *This just in from BFF Elly - did you know Helen's dress was from H&M through their "green" collection? Although she was wearing $700,000 in jewels - her dress was apparently was a steal!

Halle can do no wrong, really.

George's girlfriend, no I don't know her name lol, looked really pretty!

So did Jamie's DAUGHTER! I love that Peacock blue!

I bet baby Louie was proud of his pretty mama! 

I can't believe I like Jennifer's dress but I do! I think these lighter colors look great on her. I'm not a fan when she wears dark dresses and darkens her eye makeup - I thought this look was just perfect!

Jessica looks amaze - she really works the red locks with this stunning number! Great look on her.

This Messes, Oops! I mean, Misses...

What in the world? Sister looks like Casper. Red would have been an awesome color on her.

Oh dear Ann, I think I had this same dress in the 90's. And I realize that your hair is shorter now but I feel like it could be less helmet-like with a little product.

I'm sad to say, no and no.

Helena is crazy lady all the time so this is not a surprise that she looks like the usual, hot, mess. It's as though she doesn't need to "act" because she just stays in character 24/7.

Jane, did you pull this from your attic? It needs to go back!

Selma, same goes for you, this dress needs to take a hike back to where ever it came from!

I do love me some Melissa but what on earth. This is just not flattering. For her body type she needs something to embrace her curves... not tent over them!

I'd like this if they put that boob cut out back in the dress.... or take the other side out... just decide already!

I'm not sure what to think about this. I think that if the under layer was red, it would look better.

This is a Scandal Kerry! I think I wore this dress to prom in 2000. And what happened to your bangs or at least your swoop? Next go around, have your Scandal hair, makeup and wardrobe people come with you for the Oscars.

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  1. Missed the Oscars but enjoyed your re-cap of the dresses. You are a hoot!