Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh, and..

I am obsessed with these websites and get totally sucked into them daily... some are regular sites and some are blogs, of course! - this is my page on Pinterest! Are you on Pinterest? It is addictive!!!

Other sites I am on daily:

I started a new book!

Have you read it? I think it will be a fast read.....

Oh! We are planning our one year anniversary trip. Our gift to each other in PAPER of course will be plane tickets! We are planning on going to New England and driving up the coast for a week. If you know of great places to visit or stay in Boston Mass or along the coast of Maine, let us know!

My favorite summer cocktail... super simple and super inexpensive (thank you for this recipe Christy!)

Raspberry Beer Cocktail Recipe here
It is SO refreshing and too good really! I guzzle it down and before you know it, you need to slow it down! LOL. It is a great summer drink and the only thing that I ever have to buy for it is the frozen lemonade....I like that! Give it a whirl! Boys love it too - no really, they do!

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