Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Else?

What else have I been up to?
Hanging out with baby Brees. We call her a mini lab because she is still so tiny and small haha. She loves playing ball outside and looks forward to me walking in the door every afternoon so that we can play! I got a lot of wear out of my rainboots at the beginning of the month! It was really dreary out and now, it's just super HOT.
Did you read this in US magazine? I adore Miranda and Blake (I say like we are BFF's). My favorite part about their wedding was that Miranda got her bridesmaids each a pair of cowboy boots, designed and picked fabrics for each of their dresses and chose their hair styles to fit their personalities. Really sweet. She also wore her mom's dress because she wanted the good luck of having a long marriage just like her parents have had - sweet.
We eat at Crisp a lot as it's right around the corner from us. They are a fun salad place however, they have pizzas too. Check out this pizza that Dave got, topped with a salad of course! If you live in Charlotte, order the FCN (fruit, cheese and nut), it's the only thing I ever get there.
Ugh I think my phone camera needs to be cleaned, this is way blurry! Anyway, I have banned cereal from my home, especially this one. I seriously was pounding a box every night.... terrible.
Yummy salad I through together this week for Dave. I marinated the shrimp with garlic, olive oil and lime juice for thirty minutes and then grilled them on my grille pan using skewers. I had a can of corn and beans and some avacados so I tossed them in a salad and made a dressing with olive oil, red wine ving, dijon, oregano and cumin - it was very south western tasting :)
This is the pups new favorite position in the car. haha! Had to share!

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