Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poor baby girl...

Our little one got fixed last week and she has to spend 10 days in chill mode which means no playing with her friends, no jumping up on beds or running up the steps..... all of these things are nearly impossible to keep her from doing! And guess what? She actually is enjoying her cone :) I think it's like an eye mask for her at night lol. She's so sweet, doesn't care when I put it on her or when I give her pain pills.... just a real sweetie. She is 37 pounds now. We are wondering how big she will get as she is already going on 8 months old! I think she will be a small lab but who knows... it's fun watching her grow! Her favorite things these days are raw hides and the tennis ball. Oh and snuggling - she also loves to walk in circles so that you can pet her entire body - it reminds me of a cat! Anyways, our girl is on the mend or so we think, her stitched look a little red and maybe a little open so we are going to check that out this week - they warned us this may happen! I really hope we don't have to take her back, she did not enjoy her day at the humane society and was really mad at dad when she got home!

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  1. awww!! so jealous you have a little baby puppy!! she is presh!