Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thunder and Lightening, Oh MY!

This is Charlotte on Wednesday evening.
This is Charlotte on Wednesday morning.
This is Charlotte on Tuesday morning. No power.
And THIS is our neighbor's car on Tuesday morning. What a thing to wake up to! And this is why we didn't have power until 4pm that day.... not such a big deal, terrible hair day and odd traffic pattern on the way to work but.... at least a tree did not fall on my car (knock on wood)! I seriously cannot imagine hiking to my car in the morning and this being the visual I see...! This tree fell on a power line and that was to blame for the power outage in our hood. So this is the beginning of Spring in Charlotte, for every rainy day and big storm, we get gorgeous sunsets and lush blooms! :) There is a bright side to all this wet weather - I promise!

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