Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video Wednesday, No really...

We watched this movie today in class and seriously, if you have children, it will make you want to put them in a charter school, home school them or find some other alternative to public schools as they are so inundated by tests and useless homework. Children are going to school and taking the AP classes, going to soccer practice, getting home at 6pm, and then spending 6 hours on homework! And the point of homework? The point of tests? Kids just memorizing information to make it to college and then at college, how did this memorizing train them for real life? And I have to say it - George Bush, no child left behind, you have Kindergarteners in Charlotte taking 6 hours of testing a day - with questions like, "what is a government?".... and they can't bubble in answers at that age so someone has to do it for them - and in the end, they never find out the answer to "what is government?" A week of learning, gone. In the movie a 13 year old girl commits suicide because she got an F on her math test. A third grade boy gets headaches and stomach aches from stress from his school day. A girl suffers from anorexia because if she doesn't eat, she will have more energy to stay up late and finish her homework. HOMEWORK - Guys, homework is busy work, practice can be done in school. At HOME time is a time to be with family, to learn how to cook with mom, to interact with each other and to enjoy learning the every day and still important things of life. A teacher cries in this movie because she had to resign from her job, the job she wanted to do all of her life, because she just couldn't bring herself to teach by the test - it just wasn't her.

So I am almost 100% sure that Oprah dedicated her Wednesday show to me...

Number one Karaoke go-to song for emily (in case you didn't know, i seriously LOVE karaoke) is Don't Stop Believin by Journey but if that's already been sung, the second go-to is SHOOP by Salt n' Pepa!

But then, for the opener of her Rocker Girls show she had Stevie Nicks (I listened to Rumors CD every day of high school) and Sheryl Crow... singing.... yup, Landslide, I mean who doesn't cry when they hear that song and who doesn't adore Stevie's signature voice?!

Then at work, we launched the Dale Jr. prank video -
Not sure how I escaped that humiliating set up BUT I did!

And lastly - check out this video by the Harvard Sailing Team - Boys will be Girls - my favorite line is when he says he swallowed a gust of wind that morning lol.

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