Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppy Training!

So we had our second training session yesterday and I wanted to share a few photos from it! This picture below is of a Corgy puppy that is in our class. His parents are in their late 70's-early 80's and are the most adorable couple! Check out their cute crossed ankles. Their puppy is a sweet one and never barks but just sits there happily eating treats.
This golden retriever puppy is named Angel and she is such a sweetie pie. She and Brees are about the same size. And the background you can see a BIG chocolate lab - this is Gunter, he is 5 and his parents said they should have brought him years ago but just didn't so now, they are!And this is our baby!! See our very flamboyant trainer, Wayne, in the background? hehe. She is sitting very well for her dad :)After training, our puppy is worn out! She spreads herself out on the backseat and enjoys the ride back home :)

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