Saturday, January 29, 2011

More movies, you knew it was coming! ;)

Love and Other Drugs.
= lots and lots of sex and nudity. I was really surprised that Anne Hathaway let it all hang out! And there are some great booty shots of ole Jake. The drugs part of the movie is that Jake is a drug rep who starts out selling Zoloft and then moves on to the new hot drug, Viagra. Anne is a 26 year old who is artsy and unstable and not looking for love. She has Parkinson's Disease at 26. It was an interesting movie but I thought it was a bit long - when it was over, I thought it had been three hours lol.
Rabbit Hole.
One word, depressing. Nicole and Aaron play a couple whose son dies tragically at age 4. You learn how throughout the movie and watch them deal with their loss and trying to get their lives back together after the accident.

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