Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hunt for THE DRESS.

Photos: Top two - At the reception site: Pavilion of Two Sisters in New Orleans. Last - At the Ritz patio.

So I finally uploaded some of my 300 photos from my phone (ha). I found that there are a lot of fun ones to share with my blog readers.. YAY!

First of these are from my wedding dress HUNT. These photos are of my top 3 favorite wedding dresses that I found.

This first one was THE dress. The last and final dress that I tried on. As you can see from the wedding photos above, this was THE DRESS for this bride!

It is from Gastonia store, Poffie Girls. My step mom and I had a great experience at this store. I recommend that all NC brides go there because they have the greatest selection - they are not overpriced and the women like mothers who are amazing to work with. This is the picture that my step mom took with my phone to send to my dad :)

Amazing dress :)This one was definitely different but I always like different and one shoulder stuff. This was a J. Majors in Charlotte. Looking back. it just wasn't an evening wedding dress. This was more a 2 o'clock garden wedding or even a beach wedding.
This dress was my DREAM dress but it was totally over my budget but about $1500! And I am so glad that I didn't fall into that "have to have" rut that you see one TLC's show about Klienfeld's Bridal in NYC. This was Hayden and Olivia in downtown Charlotte. Probably the nicest bridal shop in this area.
So, if you are bride out there and you find a dress that you can't afford - keep looking. You WILL find something else for a better price. Sure, it's your wedding day and you want to look your best but there are so many dresses out there. I chose the Poffie Girl's dress after trying on 30 dresses at 3 different stores already. By this point I already knew what style dress (trumpet skirt/romantic/sweetheart) I wanted. So it made pulling dresses easy. The dress at Poffie's was a sample, it fit me perfectly, it was the first dress that I tried on and it was... $900. Yep, I know. Awesome. BELOW budget by $600!!!! So the moral of the story is - don't settle for a price that will break your budget - keep looking and check out my wedding pictures up top - this is one satisfied bride :)

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