Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Central

Like I said...... we LOVE movies.... this weekend we also watched...

Dinner for Schmucks.
I adore Paul Rudd so I was totally excited to see this movie. The dinner actually doesn't happen until the very end of the movie but the events leading up (total set backs) to the dinner are what makes the movie. The best part to the movie, I thought, was when Steve Carell worked on his hobby which was dressing up dead (taxidermy) mice. lol. It's definitely a cute movie to see but no award winner - and yes, it will make you nervous just like the movie Meet the Parents. lol

Perhaps we watch too many movies???? (pause)..... Naaahhhhhh. :)

Despicable Me.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!! It's a great cartoon flick with adult humor much like Shrek. You will love watching the way that the villain "Gru", the Despicable Me main character, falls in love with the three little girls in the movie - it's so sweet and super adorable!

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