Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our cute little girl

We have learned so much about Brees over the past 3 months. The "move" means that she wants to get up on the sofa. We are suckers and allow her too as we don't exactly have room for a big dog bed right now and we also don't have much carpeting which she much prefers to snooze on. lol So this move means "give me a lift". She only can jump up there herself if she has a running start lol. So spoiled.
And this is the end result after she gets on the sofa... her snuggled in her little ball. She is just so so cute! We love snuggle time :)
And this is what Dave calls "going through the car wash". This move is done when Brees needs to go out. She goes to the front door and whines or barks. And then she goes to the back door and walks through the "car wash" lol. Clever pup. We probably should get new hooks for the bottom of the blinds though.
So that is our cute little girl and her silly ways that are exhibited daily.

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