Sunday, January 23, 2011


So I know that this one is an old one but we wanted it on demand. I am not a fan of Angelina's work but I thought that she was pretty good in this movie. It keeps you entertained with it's action packed story line. It even leaves the end open for a sequel. We enjoyed it, definitely worth renting.
The King's Speech.
We heard so much about this movie and of course, I love Colin Firth because I related him to one of my favorite movies, Love Actually. :) Anyway, compared to True Grit and Black Swan, this movie comes in third. It moves a little slow and I had trouble hearing some of the jokes. And after a big lunch and then seeing the movie, Dave took a nice nap in the theatre LOL. I had no idea until he said, "what happened????" It is a great story. Rush is really fun and quirky as the speech therapist. I would definitely recommend seeing it - not a thriller or love story but definitely worth seeing - rotten tomatoes rates it right under True Grit and puts Black Swan at 3rd place. I guess it all depends on what you are in the mood for! :)
The Company Men.
Loved this movie. It really hits home to Americans who lost their jobs because of the decline in the economy. It reminded me of my dad especially, who lost his job in upper management and just like the men in the movie, had a hard time finding a new job with his years of experience. Companies were looking for the young people, with an MBA, that would work for nothing. Much similar to my husband and many of my friends in the same industry. But what can you say, everyone is just grateful to have a job - I lost my job too and am grateful I found a new one in just 3 months time. Anyway, enough about that. I adore Ben Affleck, especially after seeing him in The Town (awesome movie). He did a great job conveying a guy who was making $120k a year, driving a porche and golfed daily and have a big house with and a wife that could stay at home - he loses everything with the loss of his job as he couldn't find a new job right away. He even works in construction to make ends meet. His family has to sell their home, the porche and his wife goes back to work and they move into his parents' home. Around him are the stories of others who lose their job that worked for the same company and their stories of dealing with the loss. The movie was awesome - it teaches a great lesson about how life is not about the things we have but about family and being happy with yourself.

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