Saturday, January 22, 2011

Take a Moment to Watch This

This couple was on Oprah this past week. They are from Australia and the husband who is only 30ish has been battling cancer. They have two young boys and he is a video editor so the video is really good. He also knows Hugh Jackman and the Prime Minister. The video was a birthday video for his wife to thank her for being such a great support while he has been sick.

The card at 3:13 really got me.


  1. yes, i saw this it was amazing!!! but i was confused because i thought his video was the same Marry Me Train video you posted on your site the other day!!! you'll have to explain this to me on gchat next week!!

  2. Haha lady - two different videos, same song! The first video was the Band's (Train) music video. Just because I liked the song :) This video used the song for background music.... it's a real video that this man (who has cancer) made for his wife's birthday. They live in Australia and were brought on Oprah's show because of the sweet video.