Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do pigs fly?

Regis finally announces his retirement today. He said on this morning's show that he will retire in a year. Did you know he is turning 80 in August!?


Who thinks that Anderson Cooper will replace him??? :) :)


  1. I want Mark Consuelos to replace him! haha

  2. I think Mark Consuelos should replace him as well, I am not a fan of Anderson Cooper.

  3. I'm with you Mrs. Mueller... I want Anderson as well. BUT, if he's a no go, I want Mark Consuelos. Who's your second choice?

  4. Yeah mark IS pretty easy on the eyes! ;) I would just worry that they would talk about their kids too much... Just like Kathy lee lol. Kelly adores Anderson and he is gay and he grew up celebrity style so that's interesting... What about Sam champion??