Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annual Physical/Pap

So... had the physical and annual pap this morning. Took a total of 1.5 hrs to accomplish and get the heck out of there!

Things I hated about it...
1. Adjusting information with new last name and new insurance, what a cramp in my schedule
2. My regular Dr. saying she left town for 6 weeks vacation however I saw her in the office while I was waiting
3. Standing on a scale fully clothed with winter boots on and getting a weight that you are embarrassed by - totally not accurate!
4. Getting your height measured, it's always 5'6 but I sware I am really 5'8 :)
5. Realizing that the new Dr. is your dad's age and is a MAN
6. Realizing that oops maybe you period is not all the way over like you thought it was - woopsy.
7. Wearing a jacket and long sleeve shirt and having to adjust both to get flu shot, blood taken and blood pressure - boo. Note to self, no jacket and short sleeves next time!
8. Breast exam, by a man.
9. New doctor knocking and opening the door at the same time - - as I yell, NOT READY!!!!! He told me to get into the gown and to-! HELLOOOO AWKWARD!
10. Him asking the nurse to give me a (jumbo) pad - at age 27 - for real?
11. Starvation from fasting and it was just turning 10:30

Things I liked about it....
1. He asked me to leave my socks on and took them off himself when inspecting my feet
2. The nurse and Dr. both complimenting me on my really fun colorful socks
3. Not being squimish when taking my blood as the nurse was so sweet and fun to talk to
4. Asking dumb medical questions just to pass the time and make things less strange
5. Getting my prescrips filled for 3 mos at a time instead of 1
6. New insurance copay is way less than old - woopwoop!
7. No urine test - holla!
8. Great report on blood pressure, etc..
9. Didn't have to wait long at all!
8. He asked me when were planning to start a family, awwww. And then told me how to prepare.
10. Got a starbucks coffee and cake to reward myself

Interesting fact learned: because doctors have been telling people to stay out of the sun - they are now asking people to take vitamin D to make up for that lack of sunshine!

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