Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cleanse Update!

So Dave had to post pone his cleanse for a week because we were expecting company and the cleanse not only keeps him from eating but he has to stick around the house for the first few days of it (you can imagine why!). As for my cleanse, NASCAR sort of interrupted it so I am instead doing a 3 week cleanse instead of just a two week which I had originally planned. I totally dropped 5 lbs my first week however the second week was so busy with work that my focus was a little off, so I am going into it again this week with a clean slate. If you do my type of cleanse, The Whole Body Cleanse, do not eat crunchy peanut butter - I thought that the extra protein on an apple would be great but instead it had the opposite affect and gave me a tummy ache. I have been eating alot of salads, hummus and cucumber, fruit and roasted veggies. Will check back later!

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