Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally, a hair solution

Ok so I tried VO5 and I tried new shampoos and supplements - nothing worked! My hair was still dead looking and broken :( So this past weekend I was looking through photos from the past few years and my hair looked really healthy....and it dawned on me - I had a different straightener then! I had bought a CHI on eBay years ago and it survived up until last year so I tossed it and bought a Remington. Little did I know, the Remington was the cause to all my hair problems!! I rushed to Target and bought a new pricey CHI ($120 to be exact) and tried it out! It was like a new me! My hair was glossy and shined in a healthy way! I am so so happy I have solved my hair problems! I can't believe it took me this long to figure out. I hated spending so much money but I figured if it didn't solve the problem, I'd just take it back! But, it did! Hurray! Sometimes it's worth it to spend a little money on something so important!


  1. Sometimes the splurge is so worth it! I am glad you figured out a solution :)

  2. Hey just so you know CHi's break really easily. My just died. I looked up all the reports and they get terrible reviews!! Because they break really easily (aka just stop working) I decided to not go that route again since they are so expensive. I haven't tried my new one yet which was much less expensive, but you are right Chi's are so great (when they are working) haha!