Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Movie Weekend

Due to laziness and the rain... and Dave's cleanse...we watched a few movies this weekend

Date Night
It was cute and made us laugh! I loved that Marky Mark was in it without his shirt - I think he is SO hot! I think this would be a good one to see in the theatre but not a must see - wait for the video if you want!

Shrek 3, ever after
And in 3-D!! All Shrek movies are entertaining, of course :) I would definitely go see this in the theatre.

Dear John
The typical Nicholas Sparks! A good sappy movie to curl up and watch in bed with a glass of wine :) hehe

Now, did anyone see Sex in the City this weekend? Dave wouldn't go with me so I need to find some girlies and make it a movie night! I saw it got really bad reviews, would love to hear what ya'll thought!

The movie that I really can't wait for..... EAT PRAY LOVE! I heart Julia Roberts and secretly wish I could be her sometimes! She is too wonderful for words... and she too has a large laugh much like myself :D

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