Friday, November 20, 2009

My roommate from college and pledge sister, Bethany, was on the Rachel Ray show on Monday! She was on a segment called Holiday Hair do's! This is a picture of her all dolled up and on the show! She writes more about it on her blog!

From Rachel Ray's site:
Bethany, 27, is dying to wear a cute flower headband for a fun festive look, but every time she picks one she feels like she has a big flower growing out of her head. "This is all about proportion," Jeanie says, "You don't want the headband walking into the room before you!" The trick is to create volume. Jeanie added 24-hour body mousse to the back of Bethany's hair and dried it with fingers instead of a brush, and added random waves throughout her hair to create a super tousled, natural look. "For someone who has longer hair," Jeanie adds, "you can pull it back into a loose bun on the side."

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