Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight is here!

So one of my crazy coworkers is having people over to her house for a PRE-Twilight party tonight! She has been planning this party for months and prefers that people call her Mrs. April Cullen here at work (she is a die-hard Edward fan). She loves Eddie so much that he daughters have even photoshopped some of the Bella/Edward lovie-dovie photos to have her face as Bellas! They are a little creepy but HYSTERICAL. She is too much! Anyways, think of me tonight because it's going to be a late one (Dave cannot believe I am doing this)! We are going to the party after work and then we go to the theatre to see Twilight the first movie at 9pm and then NEW MOON at MIDNIGHT! I hope the real vampires don't get us! Friday's gonna be rough but.... totally worth it! ;)

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