Monday, October 6, 2014


For our anniversary this week we went to Fahrenheit, a new restaurant in Charlotte that is perched a top a hotel downtown. We had heard good things about the place so we thought we would try it out on a special occasion

Sadly, we were a little disappointed. We started with cocktails, I got the special which was a red apple martini with a salted caramel rim - it was terrible. Dave ordered the Spicy Charlotte and it was also terrible.... 

We decided not to go the appetizer route and order salads for our starter. Little did we know that the salads would be ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS. My salad above was the kale salad. It was really good however was a bit overdressed.

Poor Dave ordered the calamari salad which was GIANT. It was basically calamari sitting on a bag of mixed greens you would buy at the store. It was ridiculous.

LUCKILY, the star of this show was my meal.... the salmon a top wasabi mashed potatoes. Could have done without the bag of mixed greens though. Dave got the Kobe beef short ribs which were served with lo mein noodles.... it was fantastic but a huge portion so he took almost all of it home.

If we were to go back, we would definitely order an appetizer with two salads or just appetizers or split a salad and do our own entrees.... annnnd stick to cocktails we are familiar with.

The fun part of the restaurant is it has a great view of the city and a nice balcony that you can hang out on. 

And of course, being called Fahrenheit, there are two big fire pits outside.

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