Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trip to the Depot

I go to The Depot, antiques warehouse, once every summer I think.... I took pics of things I liked for you guys, in case you'd like to take a trip out there yourself :)

In this stall.....the scale is cool, the wooden latter thing in the back also cool.... the number 7 sign and the baskets are great too.

Loved these and really want them for my fireplace mantle.

Loved this lamp.

Usually you see these jugs with pennies in them but I thought they'd be nice (since I saw this on Fixer Upper) next to our fire place with some fake tall flowers.

I liked this basket and the vintage stuffed animals - would be good for a neutral nursery.


Blue ones? Okay!

These crates are always fun.

Great knobs! (oh, hey foot)

They had a whole stall of just metal pieces that were pretty fun.

On Fixer Upper (of course) they have loads of these.... either holding hydrangeas on a dining table or holding kids crayons on a mini table..... they find loads of uses for them!

I'm not sure what I'd do with this, it was an expensive piece, but anyways, I liked it!

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