Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ladies of London

Have you seen Ladies of London yet?
I've been watching it on Demand. Apparently it comes on on Monday nights on Bravo. Three of the women are "newish" to London and are American. The other three are either originally from there or lived there for a long time. Of course, after 3 episodes, I have my personal favorite....

That would be Caroline.

She's got money, connections with the royals, high society, classy and has a sense of humor. She also owns Gift Library which is a business that will get the richest person basically any unique gift that they want. AWESOME! And of course I love her shorter do' and her clothes.

Now, I can't say the person I like the most without saying the people I don't like the most. I'm not even going to do them the justice of posting their pictures but their names are Noelle (gold digger) and Juliet (annoying as hell).

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