Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Eeeeek!!! Dancing with the Stars is back on and I am loving it! Not sure I am loving Erin Andrews hosting it because I think she's a b-word but nevertheless, the music and dance moves were amazing on the first night! My favorites so far ARE....(in no particular order)

This young chap is the boyfriend of GiGi Hadid (Real Housewives of BH Yolanda's daugther) and he is a singer. I thought he and this new girl on the show were a great couple!

The two child actors that I wanted to BE growing up... Winnie and DJ!! Both were AWESOME.

Of course Merrill who won a gold medal for ice skating in Sochi was amazing - she is always so smart in her interviews and I think she is a real genuine person. But besides that, she is a great dancer. Suuuure she dances on ice for a living but I felt like others were just a good or even better than her! 

And these two! Fshew! Peta and Jason! They apparently went on a date in January before he was invited on the show..... and then surprise! He walks into her studio and now they're paired up on the show and boy oh boy sparks were flying! Overall, they were my favorite of the night - their dance and costumes aided that decision :) 

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