Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Preparing for the Oscars

Because of all the awards shows lately, Dave and I have been trying to see as many of these great movies we have heard about before the next awards show, the Oscars!

This weekend we saw Dallas Buyers Club and loved it! It's definitely our favorite so far. It's a real life story about a guy living a risky life of drugs and makin it by jobs who gets AIDS in 1985. The movie is about him starting a Dallas Buyers Club where people with AIDS can get medicine that works but is not FDA certified.

We watched The Butler last weekend at home and it was a really good story. I thought Oprah did a wonderful job. The way the story was organized was a bit choppy and long but I still thought it was worth watching! It's about a man who makes himself the best at butlering that he possibly can and eventually serves in the White House. It's during the time of discrimination and his son takes another road in life taking on this issue which is hard for this father, the butler, who has always catered to whites, to understand.

We also saw American Hustle. This was a great movie which was of course about hustling people out of money. I'm not sure it is worth ALL the awards as I thought Dallas Buyers Club was better but it was definitely entertaining and had a twist at the end. 

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