Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday 5

1. We had a good amount of cute trick-or-treaters last night! Not too many and not too few! Juuuust the right amount! And lots of little ones too! I couldn't believe how many parents dressed up and of course, every parent had a beer bottle in hand haha. I guess that's what it takes when you're going to strangers houses in the dark with your kids asking for candy. Bananas were really in this year. I am guessing Target had a big sale on banana costumes lol.

2. We have really been enjoying season 2 of Breaking Bad. I wasn't that invested in season 1 but now that we are on to season 2, I am really like it more and more.

3. I'm super stoked about finding these 10 salad recipes on Iowa Girl Eats. They look delicious and hearty - perfect for dinners!

4. I cannot believe it is already November.

5. I saw more Christmas commercials on TV today while watching the Today show.  I saw one for Christmas at the Biltmore annnnd I really want to go. Now that Halloween is over, bring on the holiday season!

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