Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweeny!

Who else is totally excited for today?! I walked around the house making ghost noises this morning - pretty sure my dog thinks I am nuts. Oh well! We are doing Halloween pretty low-key this year. Everyone brought in treats to work and I made those nutella cookies again. They're so easy - how could I not? We also are having a banana pudding cook off today at work. We had 3 employees say that theirs is the best so we planned a challenge to really decide whose is the best. As for tonight... I made taco soup and so we'll have that and then sit on the porch and wait for the kiddos to start arriving. Poor Dave is worried about the kids trampling his new grass out from - it's just baby grass right now. I would not be surprised if he brought a wire fence home to put around the lawn. LOL 

Another interesting tid-bit, this morning I saw not one, not two, but THREE Christmas commercials on TV.

And lastly, did any of you all manage to catch the Today show this morning? I am  beginning to think that Matt Lauer is in fact a cross dresser. The outfits he chooses are very.... errr.... feminine. 

This year he chose to be Pam Anderson.

A few years back he was Paris Hilton.

And then there was that time when he was J.Lo.

It's quite scary. 
Maybe this was your big Halloween scare of the day?! ;)
Anyway, have a very SPOOKTACULAR DAY! 

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