Thursday, November 21, 2013

Acapella from Florida State University

I love Acapella groups - especially after watching Pitch Perfect which is one of my FAVORITE movies! I just had to share this group from Florida State singing Lorde's song, Royals. It's really good!

This week has been so nuts ya'll. Last Friday I had 188 people in need come to our over the counter give away day - it was a record number for us. And then I had less than a month to plan a chili cook-off fundraiser and it all came together yesterday. We ended up raising $600 which was good for a first time event so hopefully we will do this again next year. When you work for a non-profit you try to keep expenses to a minimum so the staff was great on chipping in their own crockpots and bringing in toppings for the event. Almost all of them even participated in purchasing chili for lunch yesterday. The event was really for our building to come together and help us raise funds towards a matching grant of $75k. We had 71 people attend - we had hoped for over 100 but with a first time event and a month to plan, this was kind of expected. Some money is better than no money at all though! :) All the left over chili was donated to a local women/children shelter.

Apparently I didn't look so well after it was all over.... pretty much zombie-like! Still tired today but it's almost the weekend and THEN it will be Thanksgiving!! I seriously cannot wait! :)

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