Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Bash Prep

My Big 3-0 Birthday Bash was this past Saturday and it was definitely a memorable party! We had a great time and Dave did an awesome job planning the big day. Leading up to the event, we did a few things to doll up the house a bit!  Our first stop was Lowe's for some fun flowers.

If you've been to Lowe's recently you may notice that they have these grab n' go already made bundles of flowers that you just have to place in a pot and you are done. That's my kind of gardening. I planted two of these to sit on either side of our front steps.

This little guy went out back and I am proud to say that I put it together myself. Brees even liked it (I hope she doesn't eat it).

Our lovely new Spring wreath designed by the MIL. (I promise I tucked the yellow flowers in on the right side Beth! I just don't have an updated picture - it still looks marvelous though!)

Trying out my new boxwood and planter.

Dave painted the cornhole boards that he got last year for his birthday. He ordered this great Saints decals! He even treated the wood for wear and tear. He was very pleased with the outcome of his project!

More party pics to come...

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