Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding of the Century - Part 5

After dinner, things got a little crazy. Mer and Todd snagged an AMAZING band called the Chris Lane Band. They booked them a year ago and since booking them, they have opened for county super star Brad Paisley and gotten a recording deal...... This was their last wedding, like, ever. And let's just say, the lead singer Chris Lane, was very.....very......easy on the eyes. The band played EVERYTHING - not just country. In fact, out friend Kim rapped with them... twice. They put their own spin on pop songs, rap songs, and combined songs... they were

You can enjoy them here and here!

Kristen eye goggling the lead singer. We.are.groupies.

The girls were in love.

Our little friend Kim got up and rapped.... not once.... but twice!

And this happened. We did not want the band to leave.

The Davey's and the band.

Beautiful friends Stephanie and Rachel.

Crazy Corinne and Donald dancing the night away!

This is our end of the night picture with the hot lead singer....we called this photo the... "We are married but we can still look right?" photo.

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