Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding of the Century - Part 4

This is how our friends roll. We love Corinne. We all used to work together so this was like a big home coming of all of our favorite people! Corinne is a MAJOR wine-o! We love her.

Obviously this isn't the best photo as I forced friend Kristen to stop eating so I could take a picture of her plate BUT I couldn't leave out the FOOD because it was just super delish! BBQ chicken and pork with a red sauce..... potato salad... baked beans....and mac n' cheese. You don't get much more southern than that!

Oh yeah, and there was salad that was also quite tasty.

Here's a closer pic of our table dec.

Kristen, since living in NYC, took every moment to take in the sunny spring day... and the trees and grass and all other things that she does not get in the big apple.

We had front row seats! This is T/M listening to the father of the bride speak.  

Merris and and Todd and her work lady friends.

Such a sweet moment. I think this is when Todd's dad/best man was speaking.

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