Monday, April 15, 2013

Richmond Wedding

Our friends Matt and Phi got married on Saturday in Richmond, VA. Dave went to grad school with Matt and oddly enough, I went to high school with his younger brother. Odd coincidence, yes. Anyway, they are a super sweet couple and their wedding had some many personal touches that I thought I would share. Their theme was "home" and the colors blue, green and yellow. I was amazed by the "guest gifts" of these cake pops that were at each of the tables. I couldn't believe the detail on the little house and the sunflowers!

 The venue allowed Matt and Phi to hang pictures everywhere which was really cool. The top picture over the fire place was of their trip to Machu Picchu (sp?).

 Their speciality drink was Firefly and lemonade - yummmmm.

 Here they are saying their vows. The bride and bridesmaids were gorgeous! I loved their flowers and Phi wore some super cute yellow shoes! Their officiant (who I knew of from my high school days in Lynchburg and her son was my homecoming date one year) was amazing. She knew the couple so well and the ceremony could not have been more intimate. Poor Phi cried through almost the whole thing. In their vows they called eachother their "partners in crime" which was really sweet I thought. Matt is very quiet and dry and Phi is such a ham - they're the perfect pair. Each of the bridesmaids wore a silver necklace with the a little state of Virginia pendant on it.

 The weather could not have been better. After the ceremony Matt and Phi danced their first dance which was a compilation of "home" themed song like "Take me Home tonight" by Eddie Money and "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magentic Zeros (you'd know it if you heard it). They even choreographed dancing for each.

 Pretty huh? This is where the ceremony took place. You could eat your BBQ, slaw, and mac n' cheese inside the manor or outside. We chose outside.

 One last pic! This was their cake - the top layer had a heart inside! Their "guest book" was a big picture of the state of VA and on it there were highlighted areas like where they went college or where they grew up. It was really quite a neat wedding!

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