Wednesday, March 20, 2013

House of Lies

Dave and I started watching House of Lies last weekend and we LOVE it. It comes on Showtime and is about a consulting team.  Kristen Bell is great in it as she is the only woman in the group.... although, she acts like one of the guys, haha. And then Don Cheatle is AWESOME - he is the head honcho in the team of 4. They totally BS these businesses into hiring them for millions - there's alot of sex, drinking, lies, etc.... all good television - LOL. Watch it!

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  1. This show hits close to home for me as I am a management consultant for a big consulting firm. :) But the characters in House of Lies lead MUCH more glamourous lives than I do - I am not on the sales side (on this show they're mostly pitching to new clients or "upselling" to existing clients) - I mainly execute what has already been sold.

    The two things that are the same with my job as the show is my project is ~85% guys, the extensive travel (I go to Minnesota every week I am not traveling internationally - this week I am in Indonesia, next week I am in Russia) and the "consulting speak" / terminology they use is pretty accurate.