Thursday, August 9, 2012


So earlier this week I saw a dog on Facebook through Save A Lab NC that was at the pound and would be put down on Wednesday if not fostered. So I offered to foster and not knowing I would actually be picked....Dave was not happy. Still isn't happy but I could not let her die! She's only 2! She was covered in fleas and ticks when I got her from pound. We went to the vet and they vaccinated her, gave her a pill to kill the fleas and meds for her kennel cough. They thought she was a sweetie. After a really long time there we headed back to Charlotte from Shelby. We are calling her Shelby because since she was a stray, she has no name. I took her to the groomers and they tried to bathe her only to find out she was scared of water and then took off the ticks and trimmed her nails. Even though the bath wasn't all that great, she still got cleaned. She and our dog got along great at home. Both are very high strung and playful. Dave is slowly coming around to having her at our house but I know if I found another foster in Charlotte, that would be ideal. Unless adopted by someone here... She will be transported to another foster in Massachusetts in two weeks. She isn't crate trained but is house trained and good on the leash. Since she's not crate trained she barks when in the crate..... Needless to say, she cuddled with me in the guest bedroom last night!! It was very sweet. We have family. Owning in town and are worried about her barking and about our stress levels and about B getting her kennel cough :(

Here we are at the vet. She gave me kisses!

She's great in the car!

Happy girl.

Sweet face.

Let me know if you're interested in fostering or adopting miss Shelby!

To adopt or foster, you can find an application here at Save-a-lab.

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  1. you have saved a sweet soul! way to go emily!our foster has turned into our 3rd dog for now... it's so hard!