Friday, August 17, 2012

Missing Shelby

This is the last picture taken of Shelby before Dave gave her to the transport. Not gonna lie,it totally makes me shed a tear. I never knew fostering would be so stressful, emotional, enlightening and in the end lonely. This picture really shows the difference between B and S... B loves the back window whereas S was more of a lap dog.

This is the transport van that will be dispersing dogs to fosters from here to Vermont this weekend. Dave said that there were 20 dogs on board. All in crates.

Dave said I wouldn't have been able to leave her. It was tough... And B even cried a little. I cried too because of course I got attached and S really took a liking to me where as B is attached to Dave... So yea totally missing our lil foster pup.

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  1. You guys are doing such a great thing for pups like Miss Shelby! Sorry saying goodbye was so sad!