Monday, July 23, 2012

Go Jef with one F!

 Yay!!! Emily chose (my favorite) Jef! She didn't even keep the other guy around - she knew what she wanted and went for it! None of the gossip sites said that so it was quite a surprise when she decided early on in the show that Jef was her man! I just loved him - great sense of humor and just a super guy.
 Check out how much the newly engaged couple is beaming at the After the Final Rose show?? Cute, right?
 Unlike the other guy, who brought the dead roses he had received, Jef brought flowers to meet Em's family. They were gorgeous. This guy was spot on. This is her asking for a smooch haha.
 He was the only guy who Em introduced to her daughter Ricki. Which by the way, looks juuuust like her dad Ricki Hendrick. Jef was super cute with her daughter.
And this is the $150,000 ring that Jef (and Neil Lane) gave Emily. Who wouldn't have said yes to that?? LOL Apparently it's the most expensive ring in Bachelor history.

I'm super excited to see what happens with these two and I was really happy to hear that they were going to live in Charlotte for the time being as Jef can live anywhere with his company. This is great PR for Charlotte. lol.

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