Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wanna win chocolates n' roses?

Check out this awesome basket of gourmet chocolates. So yea this is a work related post but it can totally be of interest to you IF you want to win chocolates and roses (who doesn't?).

Here are the deets - We have launched a new giving campaign called 12 for 12. A person can donate $12 for 12 months - easy and simple. If you don't know where I work, here is the low down, it's a non profit that is a free pharmacy for the state of NC that gives those who are low income and uninsured their medicine to survive. :) Back the the campaign. To launch the campaign we have began a Facebook Contest. It's super easy. You basically have to go to our Facebook page.... share our 12 for 12 video by clicking "share" and then copy/pasting our contest information on to your own Facebook page for all of your friends to see :) The more you do it, the more likely you will win!

Here is the link for our page. Oh and you better watch the video, I put a lot of time into that thing!

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