Sunday, January 8, 2012

Must see moooovies

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - read the book, but if you didn't read the book, you may find the beginning of the movie (which is almost 3 hrs long) a bit long and confusing. They told the stories of Lisbeth and Michael separately so Dave was confused by how they were connecting.Coming from the book side, the movie was AWESOME. But I must warn you, it is totally graphic. Rooney Mara completely showed it all and played the part of Lisbeth so well. It's a definite must see but if you havent read the book, you can wait for the netflix version.
We saw My Day with Marilyn today and it was SO GOOD. Michelle Williams has really come a long way since the slutty dangerous girl Dawson's Creek. She is such a talented actress! She played the role so well and they did a good job giving her some curves as she actually has quite a boyish figure in real life. Also, the guy in the movie (Colin), who is telling the story (which is actually a real story) played his role really well. And oddly enough, the Harry Potter girl (I dont know her name, is it Emma?) makes an appearance as one of the characters in the movie too - not a huge role but a role!
This movie was really good and tugs at your heart strings! I thought it was neat seeing George play a role as a father. Not a good one at first but the movie is about him becoming a better and more attentive and loving father in the lives of his two girls. Great scenery too as it takes place in Hawaii.


  1. I want to see the Descendents so bad. Sadly isn't playing in a theater near my house.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I saw Dragon Tattoo and was overall impressed. Totally that kinda sucked, but otherwise awesome. These two other movies are on my list!