Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jcrew Suits

$35 (briefs style - not on sale)

$14 today but I got it for $40


JCrew is having a great sale right now! If you have never bought a bathing suit from there, you have to get yourself one as they are great quality!

I am scared to be seen in a bikini this summer so I got these to help me cope with my body throughout labor day weekend! Another great thing about Jcrew suits is that they have specialty sizes (d-cup for this girl ugh).

Anyway, check out their sale! I will let you know how my suits work out! Oh and I know that I only got one pair of bottom but I have some brown ones that would be cute with the orange top!


  1. I love j.crew! I own two suits from there. One of them is stretching out but it almost 5 years old now. I say that is pretty good.

    Congrats on being featured in a magazine. You super star, you : )

  2. Cute suits!
    Embrace your D cup. You'll have kids and then you'll be sporting an A/B. Thank God for padding....

  3. So I got the suits today and I LOVE THEM. They fit perfectly which never happens!
    OMG Dianne, this is something I did not know! Better save up for a boob job now! bahaha.