Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top Baby Names for 2011 and my analysis

1MasonEmma - Mason, meh. Emma? You have been number one too long, let someone else have the spotlight!
2LiamSophia - I love how Liam is number two and William is number 15, isn't Liam short for William?
3JacobOlivia - Jacob is quite the surprise! Love Olivia although it sounds a little bratty.
4EthanIsabella - Bella for short? Not a surprise. Thank you Twilight. Ethan? V. cute.
5NoahAva - SO over the name Ava. Noah just doesn't seem masculine enough. I know he built an ark and all but that was ages ago!
6JacksonMadison -Dave loves this name, me... not so much
7LoganAbigail - Logan, always adorable. Abs, out of the blue to me?
8AidenEmily - ALWAYS a good choice and for some reason, always makes the list! As I typically tell people, you never meet a bad emily - no really, when have you ever seen a stripper Emily? We are mostly the Librarian type. Good solid - CLASSY - name!
9JackElla - Jack, good solid name. Ella just like Bella or Isabella for that matter. Revert to top of the list.
10RyanChloe - Love Chloe. Ryan? This one is a surprise! I like it for a girl.
11LucasAddison - Lucas? Starwars. Addison? Grey's Anatomy.
12ElijahLily - Lily? Odd girl from Princess Diaries Movies. Elijah, Wood.
13BenjaminMia - Ben, totally adore. Mia? Revert to 12, Princess in Princess Diaries movies.
14JaydenAvery - Jayden? Smith? Odd. Avery - love but over used and should probably be number one right now.
15WilliamCharlotte - In my top 5 girl names. Nickname: Cece (if you steal this, i will find you). William, classic.

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  1. Haha I love your commentary. Some of those names are surprising to me that they ranked so high! I am thinking of a "Cici" or "Cece" in the future but that is because my middle name is Cecilia and its a family name that I will be passing down. Just need to convince Scott ;-)