Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Shellac'd!!

SO a friend at work told me she got her nails 'shellac'd' for her wedding and the polish lasted 3 weeks! She said it was totally worth the $35 she spent. She got them done again in a fun summer orange and showed them to me - they looked amazing! SO - I got my nails shellac'd too! It's only been like one day and my nails look like the ones above only in a pinky pink :) It was super nice leaving the nail salon and not having to worry about getting my keys out of my purse or bumping my nails on the counter, etc. My nails were completely dry! With the shellac process, which is a bit more time consuming than a normal mani, they put 4 coats of polish on. The first coat is a super thick clear coat. In between each coat you put your hands under a UV light for drying. If you haven't tried it, I totally would! It is worth every penny and I cannot stop staring at my very fun shiny pink nails!

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  1. I've gotten Shellac manicures 5 times and loved the results - but got one bad one (they weren't shiny, they almost had a milky foam look to them) and since then haven't been back yet - will try again in the fall :) I need to see what new colors they have now!